Hey y'all! We're back for another round of science center ideas! Today, we're talking all about plants. (If you missed my post on setting up science centers, check them out here and grab your freebie!) 

On Monday, we set up an experiment to find out just how important sunlight is to plants. We put one plant in the sun, one in the shade, and one in the dark. At the end of the week, we check on our plants and see how they've changed. (Don't worry, I've never lost a plant in this process! You can revive the poor darkened plant by putting it back in the sun on Friday and giving it a little TLC.) 

Of course, no unit is complete without a story to get us started. I love The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, but there are MANY great plant books to choose from.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, students go to different centers to learn about plant parts, what they do, plants we eat, the life cycle, and more!

Each lab station has direction cards with pictures and is just right for K-2 learners.

And each station is hands on, engaging, and fosters independence. 

My students always love tasting different parts of plants. I pick up some carrots, celery, spinach leaves, broccoli, and sunflower seeds at the store and the kids are always floored by how many plant parts they already eat. And who doesn't love a science activity you can eat?!

Check out the unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here or on the image below. 

What are your thoughts on science centers? Have you tried them in your classroom? Let me know in the comments below. Look for more science center ideas coming soon and thanks for stopping by!