Hey y'all! We're back with another round of science center ideas! If you missed the whole science center setup explanation, check it out here

Today, we're talking about weather stations. This unit is geared toward slightly older kids. My 3rd graders LOVED this unit at the beginning of the year, but 2nd graders could totally do this at the end of the year, and 4th graders could use this with extension activities. 

After we set the stage to engage on Monday, students go to independent centers Tuesday through Thursday. 

With Unit 1, students learn about types of weather, tools scientists use to measure weather, and the different levels of the atmosphere. 

STEAM activities are included for building a shelter from the elements and creating a windsock. Science and reading get integrated with a weather idioms matching game. On Friday, we created a tornado in a bottle and recorded our process in our science notebooks. 

 Take it a step further and keep centers going for another week with Unit 2.

In this unit, students learn about cloud types and what they signal…

…the water cycle...


…warm, cold, and stationary fronts (as well as what  front IS)...

…effects of weather and more. On Friday, we "made it rain" in a jar and recorded the process in our science notebooks. 

There are recording sheets for each lab, including Monday and Friday. All recording sheets fit in spiral or composition notebooks. And your lesson plans are DONE. 

You can check out each unit by clicking on the cover image above or grab both by clicking on the bundle image below. 

Thanks for stopping by! If you haven't picked up the science station startup freebie yet check it out now. And check back soon for more science center ideas!