Hey y'all! Are you ready for more math centers?! I know I am! My students absolutely LOVE math time and getting to choose their extension games. The best part is there are centers for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade! Each one has at least 10 centers.

Each grade level has a graphing activity with questions just for that grade. 

Kindergarten centers work on counting and beginning addition. 

These number puzzles are just right for introducing ten frames and number words. They're self-correcting so no need to worry about if they got it right. :) 

First grade centers focus on adding ten, addition and subtraction within 20, telling time, missing numbers, base ten numbers and more.

Second grade centers are very similar to the first grade ones but with bigger numbers. 

Students practice finding the missing number, adding and subtracting (without regrouping), showing numbers in expanded form, solving word problems, and more.

Each unit is very similar, so it's easy to differentiate and keep the same feel in the classroom. I've used some of the second grade centers with my advanced firsties and some of the first grade centers with my less advanced 2nd graders. They all look similar so there's no stigma about doing work that's different than another student's.

You can check out all of the November math centers here and all of the science centers here. I hope you found something in this post that you can use! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for December math and science centers coming soon!