Hey y'all. As we start closing out one semester and start planning the next one, it's time to evaluate how things are working in our classrooms.

The longer I teach, the more simple I want to make things. I've been using this Any (Chapter) Book Book Study for my 2nd and 3rd graders for the last year and the simplicity of it is perfect for little readers.

This interactive notebook unit is packed full of resources for students to organize their thoughts and explain their thinking. There are pages to keep track of the book title, chapters assigned, and date the reading is due. 

There are also several options for sequencing events and/or completing chapter summaries. 

Several options for explaining story elements are included as well. Students can explain cause and effect, character traits, vocabulary words, problem and solution, and more. 

There are also pages for making connections to the text (think and connect).

This unit includes options for use in composition books or in spiral notebooks. For more information you can check out the whole unit here.

Stay tuned for more great resources and have a wonderful week!