Hey, y'all. Are your students needing map skills but you don't know where to begin? Make it easy on yourself and fun for your students with these map skills centers. 

Start Monday off as a whole group learning the basics and finding "Me on the Map."

Tuesday through Thursday, students go to six different stations putting their map reading skills into practice.

Students learn how to read a key and a scale and learn all about cardinal directions and symbols.

They can play Map Bump, do a write the room activity, match map vocabulary words and symbols, label their own maps, and more!

On Friday, students make a map of their classroom or other area of your choosing. You could even send this project home for students to map their bedrooms. It's your choice. Learning map skills don't have to be tedious or monotonous. Make it fun with stations!

For more information about science/social studies centers, check out this blog post for the details.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more stations coming soon!

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