ABC Countdown to Summer


ABC Countdown to Summer

Hey y'all! It's finally starting to warm up and the countdown to the end of the year is beginning. In kindergarten, we love to wrap up the school year with an ABC Countdown to Summer.

Each day for the last 26 days of school, we review each letter and sound with a fun activity, treat, or dress-up day. I send home a note to families letting them know what we're up to and attach the calendar of events for the next month. You can get a copy of the letter here and the editable calendar here. (Fonts used are Google Fonts, they should automatically show up on your screen. This link should automatically make a copy of the file. If, for some reason, it does not, please make a copy for yourself and do not edit mine.)  


Items listed in blue are things the students bring with them to school, items in red are things the kids wear, and items in black are things I take care of, like ice pops or a dance party.  They're all pretty simple and you can always ask parents for donations if needed. 

I hope you have a wonderful last few days with your students and make wonderful and exciting memories. Stay tuned for more great resources to end your school year strong.

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