Sloth and Yoga Animals Classroom Decor and Meet the Teacher

Hey y'all! I've been busy over here dreaming of all the new ways to decorate my classroom for the new school year. I honestly don't know which is my favorite!

The first two sets have the cutest animals! One has nerdy sloths and the other has yoga animals. Both are super calming and fun.

Both decor sets include months of the year cards, calendar days, a voice level chart, desk name tags, classroom jobs with editable student name tags, days of the week headers for organizing supplies, subject headers, word wall letters with both big and small, print and cursive options, table numbers, a number line to 20, a welcome banner, and editable labels for just about anything you need.

Both meet the teacher sets include a welcome sign, class wish list, supply labels, information station sign and forms, editable teacher information cards, and treat toppers.

You can grab a copy of the sloth decor and meet the teacher sets here. Or snag a copy of the yoga animals here.

These sets are super fun and sure to be a hit with your class this year.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more decor sets coming soon. Have a wonderful week and stay sweet.