Favorite Things

Hey y'all! The last few months have been full of serious posts and down-to-business ideas. While that's all fine and dandy, it's time for a little breather. Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorite things. I hope you find a few new favorites or some you can agree with as totally awesome. :)
This post does NOT contain affiliate links. I just love these things and thought you might, too.

Ella + Mila nail polish
I don't pay to go get my nails done. I'm just too cheap. And as soon as they chip, I must fix them immediately. So I paint my toenails myself. If they chip, they're so far away from my face that it doesn't send me into OCD overdrive. Anyhoo, Ella + Mila nail polish is as all natural as nail polish is going to get. It's free from a bunch of chemicals that are hard to pronounce and I like that. The nail strengthener works great, too. My current favorite color is Time for a Bond Fire, but they're bringing out new colors all the time.

Natural Life Boho Bandeaus 
I have a ton of hair. It's super think and heavy, and I break ponytail holders All. The. Time. If I put my hair up in a bun, I need at least a couple of basic ponytail holders and then sometimes my hair still won't stay. It's just too heavy. BUT, with these boho bandeaus, I JUST NEED THIS ONE THING! This one little thing keeps my hair up and out of the way of glue sticks and sticky fingers without any stress. They come in solid colors or pretty, fun prints, two different sizes, and can be worn in several different ways. (If you look closely at the picture, it shows all the different ways to wear it.) I have half-size ones and full size ones. I love them both, but the full sized one is the one that works best for all my hair. They look like scrunchies, but they're so much more than that. You should totally check them out.

Teacher Tees
Can we just take a moment to appreciate teacher tees? I mean if we can put on a t-shirt and a colorful pair of jeans and still look professional at work, it has to be a God-send right? I have several shirts from several different places, but TBE and The Wright Stuff Chics are my favorites. The Write Stuff Chics are trendy and fun, and their sales are awesome (I totally stocked up this summer!). TBE has more than just teacher tees. Their brand (To Be Enough) focuses on kindness and sending positive messages. I love the grade level and subject specific tees, but I also love the messages of caring for others and yourself, and their latest mission project of helping moms who are dealing with miscarriage. Their shirts are incredibly soft and comfortable, and last forever.

Aerie Sweatshirt Dress
So Aerie is part of American Eagle. They're their softer line of clothes and intimates. They don't photoshop their models and they celebrate all body types in their images, which I love! Anyway, they have these sweatshirt dresses that are super soft and comfortable and have pockets! I bought two last year and wore them all winter with leggings and boots. If you wore t-shirts and leggings all summer, try out their sweatshirt dresses. It'll make getting dressed in the morning so much easier. (At the writing of this, their fall inventory isn't all posted. I will update with pictures and links when available.)

Now all through the 90's and early 2000's, I wore basic hoops. I don't know if it was because I was young and naive (or broke!), or what. But recently I've branched out to more interesting options. My two favorite companies are Kendra Scott and Nickel and Suede. Now, I am an Austin girl, which is where Kendra Scott originated from. I will always love these styles and continue to shop there. These earrings make me feel put together, even when I'm not feeling it on the inside. But, they can get heavy (I shop the smaller ones). I can't wear them everyday (although they have enough colors and styles to get you through an entire year without wearing the same pair twice!).

Nickel and Suede I came across while on Instagram (#instagrammademedoit). They are super lightweight and about half the price (or less) of Kendra Scott. I wear these on casual days. And because they're made of leather or suede, people always compliment them and want to touch them.

But life isn't always about the stuff. While the stuff is fun, it's about what you choose to DO, not have, that makes life exciting. I also love cozy nights, singing along with the radio, early morning yoga, crisp mornings, changing seasons, comfy shoes, cozy blankets, comfy clothes, bonfires, books of all kinds, falling leaves, county fairs, good food, craft ciders, friends, family, warm coffee, traveling, puppy kisses, kid hugs, laughing, time at the lake, sunsets, mood lighting, scented candles, and more. 

What are some of your favorites? I challenge you to make your own list and refer to it when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed. These teachery things will make your days at school brighter, but the experiences on your list will be what keeps you going. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week. Stay tuned for more great resources coming soon.

Stay sweet,