Daily Challenges for Distance Learning

Hey, y'all. How's distance learning going for you? My kiddos are starting to get the hang of this, and these little daily challenges are keeping the momentum going as well as our classroom community.

It all started on Wednesday when I saw this post from a friend on Instagram:

So, I got on Class Dojo and challenged my kids to make their own wheels. They were so creative with some making wheels out of toys, race cars, nail polish, LOL dolls, and more! They liked seeing what things their friends came up with (and what toys they have at their houses!).

So, I started thinking about other daily challenges we could do to keep the classroom community going strong, let them know they're not alone, and encourage them to keep thinking. I teach second grade, so the ideas have to be pretty simple. Here's a list of things some fellow teachers and I have come up with so far:

1.  Make a color wheel

2.  Build a city out of anything (blocks, toilet paper rolls, newspapers, stuffed animals, anything)

3.  Show us your favorite yoga moves

4.  Find the most interesting item in your backyard, take a closeup picture, let us guess what it is.

5.  Make a sculpture out of anything

6.  Make a toy out of a toilet paper roll

7.  Make some kind of vehicle that can roll

8.  Make a picture (out of anything--this can be a painting, coloring, cut and glue collages, etc)

9.  Gather a collection of an even number of things (on the equinox on March 20, when there's an even amount of daytime and nighttime)

10. Build a rainbow out of anything

11. Use (clean) recyclable items to build something with (Earth Day)

12. Write a song, video yourself singing it, and post it for us

13. Draw a picture of your teacher

14. Do a book talk about a book you're reading, video it, post it for us

15. Write a poem about the last thing you ate. Send us a picture of the poem.

16. Go outside, hop the biggest hop you can, measure the length of the hop, share your hop measurement with the class. Bonus points for pictures.

17. Find all the pennies you can find in your house and build something out of them. (Just be sure to give them back to your family members when you're done with them.)

18. Students send in a picture of their smile early in the day. Teacher puts the pictures together in one or two images. Students guess who's smile is who's.

19. Students send in a baby picture. Teacher complies images. Students guess who's is who's.

20. Students show a half or fourth of something, like a sandwich, a cookie, their collection of just about anything, a measuring cup, etc.

21. Upcycle an item like a toilet paper tube or a can into something handy

22. Students make a flower on paper or out of something. Piece the pictures together at the end of the day to make a garden.

23. Students get up and get moving in whatever way they like--a Nerf gun fight, a dance party, sliding back and forth down the hallway, yoga time--and send you a video.

24. Students take a picture of 4 items, 3 things that belong together and one odd thing out. Post it for the class to see and students guess what the odd thing out is in the comments.

25. What can you create with Easter eggs? Use however many you want and show us your creativity.

26. Set up an animal or creation in front of a piece of paper and do a shadow drawing.

27. Make an epic blanket fort.

28. Go on a virtual field trip and share with the class where you went and the coolest thing you learned.

All of these challenges are being shared in our class story or in student portfolios on Class Dojo so no one's information is being compromised. What other ideas would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

Good luck out there and I hope you have a wonderful week of learning online with your littles.

Stay sweet,