Self Care During Distance Learning

Hey, y'all. How are you holding up during this quarantine? I'm an introvert and trying not to spend money anyway, so staying home isn't too hard. But watching the news is terrifying.

While I appreciate the updates, there's only so much I can take before it starts to get to me. So in the essence of self-care, I've had to turn off Facebook, online news, and the TV. At least for most of the day.

Setting limits as to how much of this you read or listen to will help your mental health. The first few days of quarantine, I felt inundated with information. It sent me into a mild depression and I had a tough time just functioning. I knew I needed to limit my exposure, so I turned off all the things.

I still heeded the warnings--stayed home, washed my hands, practiced social distancing if I did have to go out--but I worked to not let all the things get to me. I increased my workouts. I drank more water. (Perks of being at home: getting to use the bathroom when needed!) I slowed down and enjoyed meals. I Zoomed with friends and shared pictures and videos with my students. And I only watched the news for a short time in the evening.

I also wanted to make sure my students were practicing self-care. Their mental, physical, and emotional health is far more important than their academics at this point. In order to help them find ways to practice their own forms of self-care and figure out what works best for them, I made a self-care checklist for them and a nature walk scavenger hunt.

If families aren't able to print, they can save the image to their phone or other device and check things off in an app as they find them or practice them. It's nothing fancy, but it is a way to let students know that they have ways of handling their big emotions, too. You can find a free copy for your students here.

How are you coping with all the things? What ways are you practicing self care? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and be safe.

Stay sweet,