Communities Phenomenon-Based Learning Unit

Hey, y'all. I don't know about you but I am loving these PhenomBL units! For a recap on what exactly Phenomenon Based Learning is, check out this blog post here

Basically, phenomenon-based learning is an interdisciplinary unit largely directed by the kids. For these units, the teacher serves as a coach and a guide to helping students conduct their own research and learning. 


With this communities unit, students expand their knowledge of what communities are by exploring theirs a little more deeply. We start with our big questions. These questions are unique to each student--not whole class questions--although some students may be exploring similar questions. 


After students have written down their big questions, aka what they want to research, the fun begins. Students are the directors of their learning and they can take their research any number of ways. 


Students can learn about the history of their community, the types of jobs or resources available there, special events or traditions, what makes it unique, important people, architecture in the town, climate, all of the above or none of the above. They make take it any other related direction. 


Included in this resource are ideas on how to incorporate communities into all areas of your curriculum. There are lots of ways to integrate this topic into reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. It also includes tons of graphic organizers and resources for students to take notes, organize their thinking, and reflect on their learning. The reflection pages and project ideas are great ways to assess students' learning as well. 


You can learn more about this Communities Phenomenon-Based Learning Unit here. To check out all of the PhenomBL units, head over to my TPT store here

I hope this gave you some ideas for your own classroom as well as some great resources. I'm always adding new units to my Teachers Pay Teachers store so check back often to see what's going on. 

Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon. 

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