Back to School Classroom Reveal

Hey y'all. We're a couple weeks into the school year and the classroom looks a little more...lived in now, but I wanted to share some pictures from the first day. 

I mainly used the Boho Mountain Classroom Decor set plus a few other elements like the phonics sound wall and borders from Creative Teaching Press. The whole place looks so homey and koselig


I printed off the most of the decor things from the Boho Mountain set and paired it with the loop-de-loop border and the navy scallop border from Creative Teaching Press. Just under this voice level chart is our class library with our back to school books displayed on a couple of these book cases. 



I also used the calendar set and the editable labels to organize our math tubs and book bins. I love the editable pages for putting together a cohesive look. (Please ignore the random bins that I haven't labeled. Those tools aren't staying.)



My original plan was to put up our sound wall as we introduced each letter and sound. But my OCD kicked in and I couldn't imagine not having everything lined up correctly. So it's up and ready and we'll add sound spellings and lip movements as we learn them. 


I used the editable pages to make these as well. The signs say, "I got this!" "I'm not so sure. Please check it." and "I'm confused. Please teach me again." These are here to help my students develop metacognition. It's interesting to see which students are always putting their work in the red bin and which ones should, but don't. 


I don't usually use assigned seats, but with the current state of the world, we have to at least have a home base. The good news is black Sharpie shows up well even with the darker colors. 


And finally, all my trade books and read alouds are in IKEA book boxes and labeled by genre. To dress them up a bit, I cut strips of border into thirds and taped them onto the long sides of the boxes. This way, it doesn't look so cluttered. Yes, I know it's a little OCD but it makes me happy...


Those are the key pieces of our classroom. I like to use the same color palate and the same borders and backgrounds throughout the classroom to really tie everything together. It's much less distracting than having a different color on every single bulletin board. You can find the Boho Mountain decor here and the phonics sound wall here

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my classroom and found some ideas for your own. Stay tuned for more ideas and resources coming soon. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon. 

Stay cozy,