Digital Addition Mystery Pictures

Hey, y'all! My students and I have been loving using Boom cards this year, even being face-to-face. So much so that they've started putting in requests for different types of cards. I'm not one to stifle their creativity, so they've been designing and I've been putting them together all semester. 

This week, I made some that align with our current math unit. I couldn't bear the thought of another worksheet, so I took the questions we would have done anyway, modified them a tiny bit to fit into our plan, and put them in a mystery picture format. 


The kids wanted mermaids and unicorns this week. (I mean, who doesn't?) And I threw in a lion making lemonade for good measure. Cause why not? 

Students solve the 2-digit plus 2-digit without regrouping math problem, then click on the correct answer. Each time they get it right another piece of the picture appears. If they get it wrong, they try again until they get it correct. 


I broke these up into three separate sets so that it doesn't overwhelm some of our little learners. You can get each set separately on Boom Learning if you want to try one at a time, or you can grab all three in my TPT store


Whether you're just starting out with 2-digit addition or you're ready for some year-end review, these mystery pictures are great practice for your first and second graders. 

I hope you found some ideas you can use in your classroom. Be sure to follow my store and check back here often for the latest resources and classroom ideas. I hope you have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon. 

Stay cozy,