Hey, y'all! Are your students ready for some spring training? I know mine are. This time of year is so tricky, you know? Some schools are on spring break during St. Patrick's Day, some aren't. Sometimes Easter is during March, sometimes it's in April.

But one thing that stays the same is the start of baseball season. The great American pastime always begins spring training in March. So I know if I spend the time getting baseball centers printed and laminated, I can use them every year no matter where our spring break or Easter falls. Talk about a time saver!

Each unit is packed with centers to keep your students excited for a whole month. Kindergarten centers focus on:
⚾ Number identification
⚾ Addition to 12
⚾ Subtraction within 10
⚾ Graphing
⚾ TEMI-style missing number practice
⚾ Non-standard measurement
⚾ Number order
⚾ Skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. 
⚾ Comparing numbers with base 10 (to 20) 

Super simple games keep the kids working independently and engaged in their math work.

First grade skills covered include:
⚾ Base ten number comparison
⚾ Telling time
⚾ Adding 2 numbers
⚾ Adding 3 numbers
⚾ Subtraction
⚾ Measurement
⚾ Coin identification
⚾ Number bonds
⚾ Missing numbers/sequencing
⚾ Graphing and data analysis
⚾ Adding on 10 (2, 12, 22, 32, etc)

The centers look similar to the kindergarten and second grade ones, but with targeted instruction for first graders. This makes differentiation easy. Using the unit for the grade above or below lets students work on skills that they need, without giving them work that looks completely different. No stigmas here!

Second grade centers are just right for our "big" kids. The skills focused on in this unit are:
⚾ Comparing three digit numbers 
⚾ Time to the quarter hour
⚾ Measuring with inches and centimeters
⚾ Adding US coins
⚾ 10 more/10 less
⚾ Skip counting
⚾ Addition and subtraction with regrouping to 100
⚾ Expanded form 

My second graders absolutely LOVE these centers. They are just challenging enough to keep them engaged, but not so challenging that they get frustrated. Again, we can always use the centers for a grade level down for those students that need to review some foundational skills. Since they look so similar, your students won't know the difference.

On a side note, I have a student this year who thinks expanded form is the coolest thing ever. Who would have thought?!

I hope you found some wonderful ideas for your own math centers this spring. You can check out the full lineup of baseball centers here and grab a free write the room center here.

Stay sweet,