End of the Year Summer STEAM Centers


End of the Year Summer STEAM Centers

Hey y'all. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some warmer weather! (Yes, I know it's early, but one can dream right?)

Anyway, in thinking about the end of the year, I wanted to make sure my students were inspired to keep STEAMing throughout the summer, so I designed these challenges to get them thinking creatively about things they could easily build with at home.


On Monday, we start the week off by testing out different types or SPF's of sunscreen on dark colored pieces of construction paper. I took a picture of our experiment but they look really creepy on camera. Just sayin'. They're so much better in real life. 

Tuesday through Thursday, the kids go to a series of six science rotations. Each one has a visual instruction card and a recording sheet for science notebooks. If you don't use science notebooks, you can always staple the pages together to make a little booklet so the papers don't end up everywhere. 



Students make a palm tree out of toothpicks and pool noodle slices, test the density of different types of water, and build a hammock, waterslide, umbrella, and a sandcastle. All of the instructions and lesson plans are included so there is no guessing about what is supposed to be in each center.



On Friday, each student builds a solar oven to cook their s'mores with. If the end of the school year is still pretty cool where you live or you're lucky enough to have a rainy day (hello, inside recess!), then you can totally use a heat lamp to do the same thing. Don't forget to make one for yourself, too. Every teacher needs chocolate by the end of the year (okay, okay—all year!).


A list of materials is included as well as tips and ideas for making everything run smoothly.  You can check the stations out in more detail here. If you haven't tried science stations yet, what are you waiting for? It really is the most engaging, exciting part of our whole day and the kids love it.

I hope you found some new ideas for your end of the year summer unit. I'm always adding new resources so be sure to follow me on TPT for all the latest ideas, resources, and freebies. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon.

Stay cozy,

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