Hey y'all! The end of the school year will be here before you know it. I don't know about you, but I like to have things prepped and ready to go as soon possible so I can kick back and enjoy my time with my students. These end of the year math centers will carry your students all the way through April and May, or May and June depending on when you get out for summer break.

All math centers review skills learned throughout the year. Kindergarten centers focus on:
☼ Addition within 20 (3 centers)
☼ Subtraction within 10
☼ Missing addend
☼ Number order
☼ Counting on 
☼ Comparing numbers (2 centers)
☼ Measurement (non standard)
☼ Addition and subtraction mixed practice
☼ US coin identification 
☼ Place Value
☼ Skip Counting (by 2's, 5's, and 10's) 
☼ Graphing (4 centers) 
☼ Shapes
☼ Missing number (TEMI practice)

The first section of centers in each unit has a camping theme, the next set includes some lunch/cookout type things, and the last section has a beach theme. They're perfect to carry you through the warming up period and into the summer sunshine.

First grade centers use numbers to 100. These centers review:
☼ Missing addend
☼ Number order
☼ Number comparisons (2 centers)
☼ Measurement
☼ Fact families
☼ Adding 3 numbers (2 games)
☼ Time to the hour and half hour
☼ Graphing (3 centers)
☼ Fractions
☼ Adding 10 (2 centers)
☼ Subtraction (within 20)
☼ Coins
☼ Place value/Base 10
☼ Missing number (TEMI practice)

And 2nd grade centers work with numbers to 999. The skills reviewed are:
☼ Addition within 100, with regrouping (4 centers)
☼ Subtraction within 100, with and without regrouping (2 centers)
☼ Comparing 3-digit numbers (2 centers)
☼ Measurement (inches and centimeters)
☼ Addition and subtraction word problems (1 and 2 step)
☼ Time to the 5 minutes (3 centers)
☼ Adding US coins
☼ Graphing (3 centers)
☼ Place value
☼ Adding 100
☼ Skip counting

My students always love these centers and I know yours will, too! For more information on each unit, you can check out each unit here. Stay tuned for more great ideas coming soon.

Stay sweet,