Book Tastings for Kindergarten and First Grade

Hey, y'all! I was looking for a book tasting for my first graders that wasn't super overwhelming for them or an insane amount of prep for me. I couldn't find one simple enough for my littles, so I made my own. 

During Read Across America week, I wanted to expose my students to some books outside their normal genres. I've done book tastings before with all the bells and whistles and room transformations... That's fun and the kids love it, but this year's group is easily overwhelmed with too much "fluff." I wanted something simple and engaging that still got the job done without causing anyone any overstimulation. 


So, I made some simple little genre signs to mark the tables and a kinder/1st grade ready recording sheet. The signs are going on little baskets filled with books that match each genre. Students visit each table and explore each genre. 


As they travel, they fill out the little recording brochure that helps them keep track of their books. They can record what the read, what they thought about the books, and (on the back, not shown) what they want to read next. 


You could have them go through each station and read one or two books from each basket. You could have students go through three or four rotations of their own choosing and spend 10-15 minutes at each station exploring the genres. Or you could set it up buffet style and let students come and go to different stations as they please. You know know your students best, do what works for them. 


If you like, add some fancy table cloths, dim the lights, add some place settings, etc. If your class is anything like mine, keep it simple. Save your time and sanity and focus on the goal--getting more books in your students' hands--and forget the extras. 

You can find this book tasting in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. I add new resources all the time so be sure to follow my store so you don't miss anything new. 

I hope you found some new ideas for your classroom. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon. 

Stay cozy,