Classroom Management with Reward Tags


Classroom Management with Reward Tags

Hey, y'all! I've used "brag tags," also known as reward tags or pride tags (I like the term pride tag--it's not polite to brag!) for years as a classroom management tool and my students love them. 

I've given out these reward incentives for awhile now, but my students needed me to recognize them for additional behaviors as well. 


We've been working on things like being calm, reading quietly, thinking before blurting out an answer and thinking deeply about a topic, helping others, keeping our desk/area clean, listening to the speaker, and so much more. I knew I needed to add some more options to our pride tag collection. 


To prepare the tags, I print them on card stock, laminate them, cut them apart, and hole punch them at the top. When I see students exhibiting the behaviors we're looking for, I hand them a tag. The students put their tag on their necklace in the classroom. These stay on their hooks and we wear them around school on special days. At the end of the year, students will take them all home. (The little charms are rewards students earn from the school.)


The necklaces come pre-cut on Amazon. You can find them here. (It's an affiliate link) And I keep them organized in bead boxes you can get online or at Michaels for pretty cheap. 


You can check these out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. I'm always adding new resources to my store so be sure to follow me for the latest teaching ideas and units. 

I hope you found some new ideas for classroom management you can implement right away to make your classroom run a little more smoothly. 

Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon.

Stay cozy, 

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