6 Tips for a Stress Free Year


Six Tips for a Stress Free Year

Hey, y'all! We officially go back to school tomorrow. Yes, TOMORROW! Where did the summer go?!?!?!?! Whether you're still enjoying your summer break or already back in session, there are a few things you can do to make going back to school a little bit sweeter and find some balance. 

I know, I know, easier said than done. But seriously, I know many of us go into panic-and-do-all-things-school-prep for two or three weeks before school starts (please tell me it's not just me!), but finding balance and taking a break are super important right now. 

1. Eat
I don't mean stress eat—put down the chocolate. I mean really eat. Go to dinner with your significant other or friends. Talk to people outside of your classroom. Talk about things not related to your classroom. Just take a break… The to-do list can wait until tomorrow. (It really can, trust me.)

2. Travel
You don't have to go far. Take your kids to the park. Drive to a nearby town you love or haven't explored yet. A change of scenery can do wonders for your perspective. 

3. Read a book
Read a book NOT related to school. I love  a good fantasy novel just before school starts. It's great to get away before the chaos begins, even if it is to an imaginary place.

4. Exercise 
It does a body good. You'll lower your stress levels and help your heart at the same time. Take a walk, do some yoga, take a Zumba class, whatever works for you. Any of these things will help keep you regulated and upbeat.  

5. Take a bubble bath
No tub? Take a hot shower. Put some bath crystals in there and detox your mood. Nothing says relaxing like a steam session. Want to amp it up? Light some candles, have some wine, put on some music. Enjoy your quiet time. 

6. Buy something
Seriously. It's called "retail therapy." Get you some new earrings or shoes. Flair pens are always a favorite.  Get your nails done. Or your hair. Classroom setup upset your budget? Target dollar spot erasers are cheap and cheerful at the same time. :) 

But whatever you do... 
DO NOT binge watch Netflix. Why? Because 10 minutes into the show you'll be on Pinterest looking at cute ideas for the classroom or you'll start printing and laminating all the things. You know I'm right… ;)

I hope you have a wonderfully, stress-free back to school season. What would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments below? 

I am in no way discouraging the watching of Netflix. That comment is meant to be humorous and not a bash on Netflix. 

Stay cozy, 

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