Christmas STEAM Centers!


Christmas STEAM Stations

Hey y'all! We've made it through the first quarter of school! The rest is all downhill. 

With the holidays coming up, it's more important than ever to keep our littles engaged. Otherwise we start looking like this lovely teacher here: :) 


Our favorite part of the whole school day is science centers, so of course we need some for Christmas!

On Monday, we read "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell" and experiment with candy canes.


Tuesday through Thursday, we visit different centers exploring science with Christmas items.


Students build a trap to catch and elf, learn physics by shooting marshmallows into their hot chocolate cups, and test which holiday items are heavier.



They also graph gift bows by color, test which holiday items sink and which float, and build bunk beds for elves.




On Friday, we build gingerbread houses with graham crackers and learn about building materials for different purposes.


I love bringing the seasons into the classroom and celebrating holidays with my students. I hope this gives you some ideas for keeping your students actively learning during this holiday season. :) Check out the whole unit here.

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