How to Recover Over the Summer


How to Recover Over the Summer

Hey y'all! Whether you just got out for summer, or you still have a few days left, you are probably thinking about how on Earth you are going to recover from this school year.

With all the papers, behaviors, standards, parents, behaviors, changes, new curriculum, behaviors, walk-outs, drama, and's no wonder teachers (and students!) need a break in the summer. Below are seven ways to recharge this summer so that you are pumped and ready for a new year in the fall.


1. Read a Book

Preferably something not school related. We preach it all year: reading grows your mind; the more you read, the more you know; you can't be a better reader without practicing; reading takes you places. But more often than not, we have so much on our plates that we forget to practice what we preach. This summer, take advantage of NOT having ANOTHER meeting and pick up that novel you've been dying to read since last year. Find a comfy spot by the pool or the beach and read the day away. Come on, you know you want to!

2. Get Out of Town

It doesn't have to cost a thing, and you can take the family with you or have a girls day with your TBFF (that's Teacher Best Friend Forever). Take a day trip to the next town over. There has to be a museum or tourist attraction you haven't been to before. Find one and check it out. 

3. Go on a Staycation

Too often, we take advantage of the things that are right there in front of us. We forget about the beauty of the local trails or universities. We miss out on great food places because we get used to going to the same places all the time. We drive right past those historical places without stoping to learn more. Take the time to stop and smell the roses in your own backyard. Check out the local aquarium or museum. Take a walk on a new hiking trail. Rent or borrow a bike and see the town with fresh eyes. Feed your soul from your own stomping ground. 

4. Go Outside

Now my southern people may balk at this (yes, I know it's hot), but the outdoors will do you good. Find a mountain and hike up it. Play some tennis or basketball. Go swimming. Go on a run or walk. Heck, go shopping at an outdoor mall. Whatever you do, get some fresh air. Sitting inside in the air conditioning (yes, I lived in Texas for 30+ years) will just make you hate summer and will entice you to eat everything in your kitchen. Get up and move outside and you will feel a million times better.

5. Binge-Watch Something

So when you're done with your outside adventure, there is no harm in resting. Maybe you still haven't watched Orange is the New Black, or there's a Fixer Upper marathon on...whatever you choose, let your body and your mind rest. Don't become a vegetable--couch potatoes have big, round bottoms you know--but do take care of yourself and allow yourself to rest. Your exhaustion from the school year won't get better without taking a break. Take advantage of this opportunity to just chill. 

6. Pursue a Passion

Who are you outside of school? I know that can be a hard question for some of us, but it's worth taking time to answer. It could mean planting a garden, redecorating a room (or five), finally learning how to use that Silhouette or Cricuit you got for Christmas, finding time to exercise regularly, getting out the kayak, or just having time to enjoy your kids without the rigid schedule of the school year. Whatever you do, do it because it brings you joy. We are full of "have tos" during the school year. Choose to take advantage of "want to" time. 

7. Take Time to Just "Be"

That could be doing some yoga, listening to calming music, cooking quietly, listening to the birds or waves, drinking your coffee or tea in silence...whatever works for you. Just be sure to have time to breathe and clear your mind. Practicing this regularly will help you become more mindful of your emotions and keep your thoughts in the right place. You'll also reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and make better eating and exercising choices. What could be better?

There are obviously many more ways to recharge and rejuvenate over the summer. Take advantage of this time so you are refreshed and ready to go when school starts again in the fall. Yes, it's important to plan for next year, but it is more important to take care of yourself and "summer" first, then start thinking about next year.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more great tips, tricks, and resources, coming soon! Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon.

Stay cozy,

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