Teaching Geometry in 2nd Grade

Hey y'all! Have I told you how much I love math and science stations? They are by far my favorite way to teach. Why? Because the kids are doing the work, and we all know that the person doing the work is the person doing the learning.

In the geometry unit, several skills are covered: identifying 2D and 3D shapes, partitioning shapes into rows and columns, and fractions.

Week one, we introduce the vocabulary vertex/vertices, edge, and face. Then, students go to a series of stations learning about 2D and 3D shapes, including finding real life examples of each in the classroom. 

Week 2, we discuss and define the words row, column, array, and partition. My kiddos last year really struggled with that last word. This year, we will talk about it much more in depth.

Then, students have time to practice partitioning shapes and building their own arrays. With all the hands on activities and games, the students don't realize just how much they are actually learning.

The third and last week of this unit, we talk about fractions. On Monday, we discuss the different ways we can make fractions and the essential vocabulary.

Then, the kids play games, do write the rooms, and use task cards to practice naming fractions correctly.

While they are working, I am monitoring their progress, checking for understanding, correcting any misconceptions, and reteaching as necessary. It's very similar to what I'd do in a small group, except that I can work with several small groups much more quickly and get to really talk with my students during each rotation or lesson.

On the last day, the students each get a fun size bag of candy and determine what fraction of each color is in their bag. Both Skittles and M&M options are included so you can use your favorite. :)

I hope you got some great ideas for teaching math in your classroom. For similar units, seasonal centers, and FREE startup resources check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.  Stay tuned for more math and science units coming soon.

Have a great week and stay sweet,


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