Even and Odd Numbers

Hey y'all! Teaching even and odd numbers is one of the simplest concepts we teach all year. But how do we "increase the rigor?"

One way is by using math stations. Stations allow students to think through problems on their own or with their group. By making students accountable for their thinking, you have less students just along for the ride in whole group lessons and not doing any thinking.

With math stations, we have a whole group lesson on Monday, then students go through a series of stations Tuesday through Thursday, and we have another whole group lesson or activity on Friday.

Each unit includes interactive notebook pages, recording sheets, games, task cards, student directions, and lesson plans.

In this unit's whole group lesson, we build even and odd numbers using counters (this is a perfect reason to stock up on Target mini erasers!). Station activities include sorting answers into even and odd sums, sorting by the number of letters in each classmates' name, a dice game, and a card sort. Then on Friday, students color by sum on the mandala below.

To find out more about how math stations work, click here. There are several more 2nd grade math stations available to last the whole year. For more information about this unit, click here.

Stay tuned for more great resources coming soon. Have a wonderful week and stay sweet.

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