Super Bowl STEAM Stations


Super Bowl STEAM Stations

Hey y'all! The Super Bowl will be here before you know it and as much as I NEVER follow sports, I do love to watch the big game.

I also love to go all out on the Friday before the Super Bowl as a way of building community with my students. We do football things, eat chips and dip (let's be real, it's queso my Texas people!), and talk about how they decide who goes to the Super Bowl. Lots of teachable moments!


First, we graph out who we think will win. (There's also a graph asking who will watch and who isn't.)


Then, students go through a series of stations where they learn about what the Super Bowl is, write an opinion paper about who will win (or their favorite part #commercials), and create a trophy, a team logo, and a football.




Then, when stations are finished. students get pipe cleaners to make goals posts out of and a paper strip to fold into a football. We set up our own tournament in our classroom to see who can flick their football through the goal posts the most times in a row.

Does it get loud? Of course. Do the kids enjoy it? For sure. Do they learn a ton about building and physics? Absolutely! #paperfootballsforthewin


This could be spread out over the course of the week, but I prefer to do this in one fun-filled day. It pairs perfectly with a room transformation (#bethewildcard) and some salty, sporty snacks. You can pick up a copy of your own here. And it requires so few supplies, that it's easy to prep on a whim. :) 

I hope you found some fun ideas for your classroom this Super Bowl season. I'm always adding new resources, so be sure to follow me on TPT so you don't miss a thing. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more awesomeness coming soon! Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon. 

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