Books About Spring for the Classroom


Books About Spring for the Classroom

Hey, y'all! I cannot tell you how excited I am for some warmer weather. The snow here is beautiful, and the mountains look amazing with a fresh blanket of it, but it's time for a little more color in the world, don't you think? These are my current favorite books for teaching about spring. I hope you find some new favorites, too.
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1. Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
This beautifully illustrated book is the springtime version of Over and Under the Snow. This book opens the door to all kinds of explorations for spring.

2. Composte Stew
This book is the go-to kids guide to starting their own compost project. It discusses why it's beneficial for the earth and what can and can't be included in a compost pile. When I read this book aloud to my class, we have the some of the best discussions. This book is the perfect companion for your Earth Day/ conservation unit. 

3. Tops and Bottoms
This is the hilarious story of a lazy bear and a clever rabbit. While this book can be used to cover all kinds of things (morals, work ethic, storyline, plot, characters, point of view), I especially like it for teaching what grows above the ground and what grows below. Our spring plant unit is the perfect time for this discussion. My students were stunned at how much the rabbit got away with in this story all because the bear wouldn't work. If you need something to keep your students' attention, this is it.

4. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick
Have I mentioned before how much we love the Old Lady books? With each book, my kiddos are fascinated at how much this woman can get in her mouth. The silliness has them mesmerized and opens the door for conversations about what symbols we tend to associate with spring.

5. And Then It's Spring
This beautifully illustrated book has all the feels. A little boy and his dog have had enough of this winter business and decide to plant a garden. This book is the perfect tradition from the brown and tired days of winter to the colorful and energetic days of spring.

6. Spring is Here: A Bear and Mole Story
Spring fever settling in in your classroom? Give them a story they can relate to. Mole is ready to get moving and enjoy the fresh spring air, but Bear is having a hard time waking up from his nap.

7. Planting a Rainbow
Your pre-k and kindergarten students will love this story about colors and gardens. This is a classic Lois Ehlert story to start off your plant or spring unit.

8. When Spring Comes
Kevin Henkes does an amazing job of describing spring using all of the senses. This book lends itself to introduce five senses poems in the spring or your entire poetry unit.

9. Cherry Blossoms Say Spring
This simple nonfiction book is just right for introducing spring, especially when it still feels like winter. The book tells the story of the gift of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms to the US and what they now look like in Washington D.C.

10. Everything Spring
This nonfiction book is exactly what it's title suggests: everything spring. The photographs will have your students making connections and discussing all things spring. This is a great book for teaching main idea and text to self connections.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found some new titles to add to your collection. Stay tuned for more resources coming soon and have a wonderful week.

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