Books About Summer for the End of the School Year


Books About Summer for the End of the School Year

Hey y'all. Summer is coming soon and this is the perfect time to teach our students about enjoying the little things and looking up around them. Many times, students are in front of a screen for much of the summer. If we can match them with the right books about enjoying the things around them, maybe, just maybe, we can make a child's summer a little less about a screen and a little more about everything else.

These books all highlight the things that make summer special, and, surprise, there are no screens in any of these!
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1. And Then Comes Summer
This charming book highlights all the things that make summer the sweet time that it is. Your students will love this simple and fun ode to summer.

2. Summer Days and Nights
This sweet little rhyming book will have your students excited about summer days and enjoying the little things. Every season has things to celebrate and this story illustrates all the wonderful things about summer.

3. Fireflies
Fireflies is about a little boy who catches fireflies on a summer evening. He learns the importance of taking care of the insects and cherishing the little things.

4. S is for S'mores
Nothing says summer like a family camping trip and s'mores around the fire. This alphabet book is the perfect addition to your summer book collection.

5. Judy Moody and Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt
Judy and Stink are on a family vacation and spend the week on an island. Your students will love trying to figure out what each clue means as Judy and Stink work to find pirate treasure.

6. Jabari Jumps
A little boy works himself up to jump off the diving board at the pool. Will he have the courage? Your students will love rooting him on as steps up to the edge.

7. Explorers of the Wild
This super cute book illustrates the wonderful things you can find if just get up and look around. And finding a friend to explore with you is even better.

8. Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer
This book makes a great read aloud for the end of 2nd grade. My students always love reading this one and making their own list of points to earn.

9. Ice Cream Summer
Who doesn't love ice cream? This sweet story will encourage your students read and write all summer long, while still enjoying all summer has to offer.

10. Pie is for Sharing
Some things are better shared with others, like pie, a ball, time. This simple summer book brings to light how the little things often become some of the biggest things.

I hope you found some new favorite titles to bring your students into summer. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more ideas and resources coming soon. Have a great week!

Stay cozy,

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