Holiday Classroom Management Tools


Holiday Classroom Management Tools

Hey, y'all! December is upon us and so is the wonderful, exciting behavior. This time of year, students (especially young ones) need some extra positive reinforcement to make sure they keep their behavior on the right track.

Sometimes that means earning our class holiday party. This year's group needs regular reminders of expectations so this visual is helping them stay focused for the next two weeks. Depending on your class, you can have your students earn a letter a day, or earn one any time they are on task. My class is working on using an inside voice. It's a skill we desperately need to master!


If you're not wanting (or needing) them to earn the letters, you can use them as a countdown to the party day as well. Simply add a new letter each day and when the least letter is added, it's party day.

This is a freebie in my TpT store, so use it however you need to. The holiday gnomes are too cute to pass up so grab a copy of you own here. Be sure to follow me on TPT while you're there so you can catch all the latest ideas, resources, and updates. 

Have a wonderful week, friends, and I'll talk to you soon. 

Stay cozy,

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