Math Test Prep Centers for Your Kindergarten or First Grade Class


Spring Review for Kindergarten and First Grade

Hey, y'all. Let me just say, I HATE the idea that we as teachers feel the need to test prep 5- and 6-year-olds. I. HATE. It.

There, now that we've covered that. The reality of the situation is that we do. We can call it "test prep." We can call it "end of the year review." Whatever we name it, we're still getting ready to assess their learning during the school year.

BUT, it doesn't have to be tedious, AND they don't have to know they're doing it. Our littles need to have fun, so why not make our test prep/review fun, too?

Here are nine stations or activities you can add to your math workshop to keep your students engaged and practicing math skills:

Adding coins write the room
This adding coins stations has three levels of play. With progressively more challenging task cards, you're sure to have just what you need for your little learners.


Base 10 scoot
My firsties needed lots of practice counting base ten numbers. This fun station can be used as a scoot, a write the room, or in a sensory bin.


Telling time
Help your littles match the time on the analog clock with the digital clock. This can be played as a memory game, as a simple matching game, or as a simple draw-the-card game.


Money addition trail game
This free money trail game has four levels of play. Students roll a die and move their game piece that many spaces. Then, they add the coin they land on to their running total. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins. For younger students, you can also have plastic money on hand to help them to keep track of their score as they play.


Ten frames
These free ten frames can be used with mini erasers for a counting center or used with stickers to count the number of days in school. There are several patterns to choose from so you're sure to find a pattern you love.


Fraction of me
This freebie is great for reviewing fractions. Students pick four colors to "build" themselves with and count out the number of pieces they've used to make themselves. My firsties loved this little activity at the end of our fraction unit.

Baseball addition and subtraction write the room
Review adding and subtracting with your kindergarten or first grade students this spring with this simple little write the room. With two sets of cards and two recording sheets, this center is easy to differentiate based on your students' needs.


Color words write the room
This station is fun any time of year, but just before spring assessment is a great time to review how read and recognize color words.


Color words color by code
For a simple, free center, these color words color by code pages help your students read and recognize color words as well. There are four different pages to keep your littles engaged and challenged.


I hope you found some new ideas for centers and some fun ways to review math and color words with your littles. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more great resources coming soon. Have a wonderful week. 

Stay cozy,

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