Digital Winter Math and Reading Centers


Digital Winter Math and Reading Centers

Hey, y'all. We're getting ready for the winter months around here and I love sharing the fun of the holiday season with my students!

This year, we're utilizing a ton of technology in the classroom in order to differentiate more easily with our students. That's one of the beauties of digital technology: students can be working on different levels of difficulty in each subject, but none of the other students know that they're all working on different things! Boom cards and Google Classroom have become the Holy Grail for differentiation! 


What that looks like in the classroom is that one set of students are working on these Holiday Addition and Subtraction Boom Cards with numbers to 20 and another set of students are working on the same type of Boom Cards with numbers to 100. Each set of kiddos is getting exactly what they need, bu the kids don't have to know that their peers are working on an easier or harder set. They're all just working!


And when it comes to sight word practice, the kids can all work on the same set of sight word Boom cards, or you could assign them the Google Classroom version and pick and choose which words you want different groups of students to practice. If little Jimmy still needs to practice spelling “I,” “and,” and “the,” he can, while little Suzy can work on words like “said,” “what,” and “play.” All you have to do as the teacher is separate the cards out (I usually do 5-10 words at a time so I don’t overwhelm my littles). 


How easy is that?! Everyone gets what they need, you don’t have to make a ton of copies, and once you separate the sight word cards the way you want them, you can keep the sets like that assign them to students as they need them. 


I have to admit, I was super hesitant to go fully digital with my kiddos. I just wasn’t used to teaching things that way. (And I still think the kids need plenty of non-techy things to do!) But having digital options makes it SO EASY to plan and prepare for each of my groups of kiddos. What do you think? Are you loving this “digital revolution” we’re in right now or no? Let me know in the comments!


Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more great resources coming soon!

Stay cozy,

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  1. Hi Rachael these ideas are great! I will be teaching Face to face and remote at the same time starting in January. Are these centers only to be used with Google Classroom? We don't use google classroom but use google slides. Thanks!