Digital St. Patrick's Day Sight Word Practice

St. Patrick's Day Sight Word Practice 

Hey y'all! Let's make sight word practice fun and simple! 

Practicing sight words can start to get monotonous after awhile, especially if your students are struggling and it seems to be taking awhile to master. Novelty keeps the fun going when students need more practice. 

These digital St. Patrick's Day sight word task cards are available for both Boom Learning and Google Classroom. They include the first 40 Fry's sight words that students are expected to know, making them just right for kindergarten, advanced pre-k kiddos, or first graders who still need some additional practice. 


I love using these cards on Boom because they are self-checking and give immediate feedback. Students randomly get 20 cards at a time so each time they play, it's a little bit different. 

When using these in Google Classroom, it's super easy to use just the words you're currently working on, to chunk the learning, and to differentiate the words for students. 

Some good things that have come out of the 20-21 school year has been the increase in available technology options for students. Prior to this year, I know about these things but not how to implement them for my students in effective ways. Now, I know not only how to implement them, but how to differentiate for my students and to keep the learning going when they are away from school. At least some positives have come out of the 2020 saga! 

Anyway, I'm always adding new resources to my Teachers Pay Teachers store so check back often for the latest classroom tools. Be sure to follow me too to see the updates immediately. Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon. 

Stay cozy, 

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