Leif Erikson and Christopher Columbus Writing for October


Leif Erikson and Christopher Columbus Writing for October

Hey, y'all! Do you know who Leif Erikson was?

Nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas, Leif Erikson sailed from Norway to Greenland and was blown off course. Erikson landed in what is now Canada, calling the area Vinland. Erikson is considered the first European to land in the Americas but Columbus gets all the credit. 


This October writing prompt has brief, kid-friendly biographies about both explorers, a map of their expeditions, a graphic organizer, teacher talking points, and a writing prompt asking students "Who should get the credit for 'discovering' America?" 


The goal in these writing prompts is to get students to think more deeply than which ice cream is better or or what's the best food. Those things definitely have a place in the classroom. After all, if students can't express opinions about small things, they certainly won't be able to express their opinions about bigger things. 


This unit is as non-biased as possible and does not have any graphic details that might scare young students. As I said before, it's written to be kid-friendly but to get them to think about what they're reading and respond with reasons to support their opinion. You can check out the full unit here

More prompts like this will be coming soon so be sure to follow me on TPT so you don't miss anything. I hope you found some new ideas for your classroom. Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you soon.  

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