Halloween Writing for Primary Grades


Halloween Writing for Primary Grades 

Hey, y'all! Spooky season is upon us and now is a great time to work on Halloween writing prompts. I love this time of year, and if all our students want to talk about is Halloween, why not put all those thoughts on paper? 


Kids love to make things: slime, snacks, you name it. This October, why not create some memories, build community, strengthen writing skills all at the same time? 

Many of your students already know how to make slime. But if not, you could whip some Halloween slime in science and write about the steps to make it during writing workshop. 

For Witch's Brew, mix up a trail mix together as a class, then put the steps in order in this simple and cute Witch's Brew book. 


For some persuasive writing, students can write and draw what they think you should be for Halloween. They always have such...creative...ideas! And their reasons are sure to leave a smile on your face. 

In our district, we're supposed to be focusing on how-to writing this time of year. I like to make it fun with some pumpkin carving how-to's, some trick or treating safely lessons, and, just for fun, how to scare a ghost!


Of course they need some independent writing time, too. That's where these Halloween acrostic, write the room, and spooky story pages come into play. These make great writing and word work centers for your reading block.


And for a fun bulletin board display, I love this little ghost activity. Students color their ghost, then use adjectives to describe it--it has red glasses, blue shoes, etc. 

Display the ghosts and descriptions separately and have students read to find out who's ghost is who's. The kids LOVE this activity and it's a great way to practice using adjectives to strengthen our writing. 


You can grab all these writing pages over in my TPT store here. Be sure to follow me while you're at it so you don't miss any new resources, ideas, or freebies. 

I hope you found some new ideas for your classroom to make your October a little more fun and stress-free. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon. 

Stay cozy, 

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