Happiness Inquiry Mini Unit


Happiness Inquiry Mini Unit

Hey, y'all! What does it mean to be happy? Does it mean the same thing to each person? What controls our levels of happiness? Do you know? Do your students? These are all some of the toughest questions many of us face. But through a little inquiry, our students can begin to understand what happiness really is. 

I, personally, recommend doing this unit along with your students (or before them) so you can share your story of your own journey to discover true happiness. 


We start off this unit working to define what happiness is. At first, my students said happiness is "stuff." But after some conversation, they started to change their tune. 

After we've got a definition, we start looking at examples of how people show happiness. It was eye-opening for them to see that not everyone shows happiness in the same way, but that there were some similarities. 


As we work through this inquiry unit, we read stories about different emotions and we analyze what happened and how the character reacted. We also explore our own emotions throughout the day and work to name our feelings and what made us feel that way. 


We also talk about why happiness and positive attitudes is good for our well-being. Happiness and controlling what we give our attention to plays a huge part in our mental health. Helping students to understand that they have control over what they feel and what they attend to moves mountains in the way of student attitudes, classroom community, and overall behavior in your classroom. 


What's even better? This unit is free! You can find out more about this happiness inquiry unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here

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Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon. 

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