Camping Project Based Learning Unit


Camping Project Based Learning Unit

Hey, y'all! If you haven't yet tried out project-based learning in your classroom yet, this is the year to do it! And this free Camping project-based learning unit is a great place to start. 


In this mini unit, students decide where they are going to camping and figure out what all they will need to bring. I would typically do this after our forests inquiry unit, but you could do it anytime. You could even leave it for sub plans if you wanted! 

You could give your students brochures of different state parks or campsites in your area to choose from, or simply tell them to imagine a place--whatever works for you and your situation. The kids decide who they'll bring and how long they'll stay. 


Then, they have to figure out what they'll need to bring with them. You could have students use the cards provided or let them peruse a local store ad (like Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, Academy, Scheels) to choose their supplies. 

For first graders, I'd have them simply pick their supplies, then find out the total cost. For second or third graders, I have them also figure out how many of each item they'll need (like food for 4 people for 4 days) and use repeated addition or multiplication to get a more accurate total cost. 


Towards the end of the mini-unit, students can write a "how-to" paragraph for setting up a tent. Depending on the schema your class has in this area, you may want to bring in a tent to setup together or watch a video on it from YouTube. 

This is a short little PBL unit, but it will give you and your class a starting point for bigger projects if you haven't done one before or are short on time. You can check out this freebie in my TPT store here. While you're there, be sure to follow me for all the latest ideas, resources, and freebies. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon!

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