Classroom Seating Opinion Writing

Should teachers or students choose the seats in a classroom opinion writing prompt for elementary students

Classroom Seating Opinion Writing 

Hey, y'all! This week's opinion writing prompt is one my fellow teachers and I have debated ourselves, so you know the kids will have some opinions. This week, we'll be deciding if teachers should pick students' seats in the classroom or if the kids should get to pick their seats. This seating choice opinion writing prompt is sure to have your students thinking critically about some real issues near and dear to their hearts.😂 

Articles for classroom seating opinion writing prompt

We start off by reading about the pros and cons of each choice. Then, we use our graphic organizer to make some notes of our own. The kids will probably have some of their own ideas that aren't listed in the articles so be sure to include their words in your classroom example. 

Classroom seating choices graphic organizer for opinion writing

When we've got our ideas down, we get ourselves organized and write our own opinion writing paragraph/short essay with our preference. My kids have a tendency to try to take the easy way out and just copy what I've written instead of trying to use their own words. So I've started modeling the entire process, then taking my paper away so they can't copy it. It's not ideal, but I'm trying to create thinkers here, not copycats. 

Classroom seating choices opinion writing paper for elementary students

We'll be doing this writing prompt in the next few days. I'm curious to see where this group stands on this one. I've had classes that would go all in on choosing their own seats and it would be a disaster, but this class is different. They might relish in the security of having this decision off their plates. 

Anyway, you can find this writing prompt in my TPT store here. While you're there, be sure to follow me so you don't miss anything new. And there are a LOT of new things coming out soon. 

Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon. 

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