Addition and Subtraction Boom Cards

Hey, y'all. We're a month into distance learning here. How's it going where you are? My families have been having a tough time getting organized for distance learning, so I wanted to make things as easy for them as possible.

I started making Boom cards because they are super easy for students to work on anywhere they are and we can continue to use them next year when we get back to normal.

I have a paper and pencil version of these cards in my store already. They cover adding and subtracting 2-digit and 3-digit numbers with and without regrouping. You can find the paper version here.  

But, given that I can't send home paper task cards with my students, I made them digital so students can review these skills at home or anywhere they have internet access. (For more information about Boom Learning, click here.)

Decks include:

I set my students up with all of these sets so they can review some of the skills they already have and practice some more challenging math problems we were just starting to get to. You can find the whole bundle of cards here.

I love using Boom cards because there is no prep, printing, or laminating. Cards are self-grading and students get immediate feedback. I can easily see how students are doing in the reports section. Students can play the cards over and over if they want to to improve their scores. I can easily assign decks for distance learning and I can reuse them when we get back into the classroom. I only wish I had started using them sooner.

Keep an eye out for more digital resources coming soon. Stay healthy and safe and have a wonderful week.

Stay sweet,