Rounding Task Cards for Print and Boom Learning


Rounding Task Cards for Print and Boom Learning

Hey, y'all. Rounding was one of the toughest things for my 3rd graders to grasp. We practiced and practiced, but they always got hung up on what to do with a 5.

I wish I had had something that was self-checking and gave them immediate feedback, like these rounding Boom Cards I just added to my store.


There are small, individual sets for focusing just on rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand, and sets that included mixed practice. A bundle of all of them is also available, so you can find exactly what your students need. You can find them all here.


I love using Boom Learning because I can easily differentiate for my students and they have no idea! It's also self-grading, no prep, and easily lets me monitor their progress. Plus they can work on them anywhere they have internet and I can check their work anywhere, too. 

There are also printable versions of these same task cards. They're setup as a scoot game but could also be used as a write the room, a Quiz-Quiz-Trade game, put in a sensory bin, or any other way you like to play. You can grab the printable copy of these cards here.


I am adding new resources to both my TPT store and to Boom Learning often so check back soon to see the latest resources. Or better yet, follow my store and get updates daily! I hope you found some new ideas for you students. Have a wonderful week!

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