Teacher Self-Care Ideas


October Teacher Self-Care Ideas

Hey y'all. Happy October! This time of year is usually high on the list of many teachers because of the cooler weather, the pumpkin everything, and all the exciting holidays. It's also the most depressing time of year for teachers as far as the school year goes. (Really--research has proven it!)

We're excited about all the things happening, but the reality of the school demands, testing, student behaviors, conferences, pressures from admin and everything else builds up, leaving many of us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. We are entering the disillusionment phase of the school year, but  there are ways you can combat these feelings.

Taking time to take care of yourself is critical this month. The spring semester will fly by. September was a whirlwind of expectations and beginning of the year testing. NOW is the time to take care of you!

To make it even easier, I've already put together a calendar for you. And it's printable! Just click the image (or here) to download your own. My idea doesn't work for you on that day? Switch it with another one or make up one of your own. And if you're taking pictures of your self-care journey, feel free to tag me so we can share in your rejuvenation. 


This year, I added a BINGO board option as well--all in the same file. If trying to do something for you everyday causes you stress, just try one little square a day. Even small things make big impacts. 


I hope this helps you take time for yourself this month and gets you through this crazy time of the year. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon!

Stay cozy, 

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