Teaching Measurement in 2nd Grade

Hey y'all! We are rolling right along here with our math stations and the kids are loving them. I asked one of my littles how she likes the stations we use. She said that they are "way harder" than the curriculum used last year in first grade, but she likes it so much more. #meltmyheart

This two week measurement unit that we have coming up is perfect for any time of the school year. The first week is spent measuring objects using inches. The second week, students learn about the metric system and when to use different types of measurement tools.

Each station has direction cards so students know what to do and recording sheets for math notebooks. Stations are our favorite times of the day by far.

And, as always, direction cards, lesson plans, task cards, games, and recording sheets are included.

You can check out the entire unit here. Stay tuned for more great resources coming soon and have a wonderful week!

Stay sweet,

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