Teaching Graphing in First Grade

Hey, y'all! Are you getting ready for your next graphing unit? This is one of the easiest concepts to teach in first grade and this math workshop unit will make it fun and exciting, too.

On Monday, we introduce graphing by making a graph about our class. You could use eye color, how people get home, hot/cold lunch, etc.

Tuesday through Thursday, students visit a series of stations practicing using and making bar and pictographs.

Friday, students get together to make their own graphs with their groups.

The second week, we talk about tally marks and tables and how they relate to data collection for graphs. You could switch the order if you wanted to, but the kids will be graphing in both weeks.

Tuesday through Thursday, students practice making tallies and using tables to graph their work. They use task cards, dice, and spinners to collect data.

Friday, the kids get a collection of things (candy, mini erasers, rocks, buttons, plastic cubes, etc.), sort them, and fill in the table and graph with their data.

This unit can also be used whole group, in small groups for interventions, for fast finishers, or for morning work. Do what works for you! You can find out more about this unit and others here.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more great resources coming soon! Have a wonderful week.

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