Teaching Fractions in First Grade

Hey, y'all! Are you getting ready for your next fractions unit? This is one of the easiest concepts to teach in first grade and this math workshop unit will make it fun and exciting, too. 

On Monday, we introduce the language of fractions: half, fourth, quarter, numerator, denominator, etc. We talk about how when we break something up into more pieces, those pieces get smaller. Then we sort fractions into halves and fourths.

Tuesday through Thursday, students visit a series of stations practicing identifying halves and fourths with task cards and games.

This unit includes lesson plans, student direction cards, task cards, games, and recording sheets. It is a print and go unit.

On Friday, we come together for another whole class lesson. There are a couple of options for this one. I usually grab a package of fun sized M&Ms or Skittles and we practice finding the denominator (the total number of candy in our baggies) and numerators (how many of each color we have) for our candies. This lesson is technically above grade level, but I've done this lesson with K-3 and they've always latched on immediately. Candy can do amazing things. ;)

For more information on this unit, head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and check it out here.  Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more amazing resources coming soon.

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