Telling Time in First Grade

Telling Time in First Grade

Hey, y'all! Our 2nd grade math stations are finally complete. Now it's time for 1st grade to get their math on! Our first posted unit in the first grade series is telling time to the hour and half hour.

On Monday, we make this handy little clock to help us practice and fill out the first recording page as a whole group. You can pick up a copy of the clock for free here.

Tuesday through Thursday, students visit a series of stations to practice telling time to five minutes. Games, lesson plans, recording sheets and student directions are included. 

On Friday, students show what they know by playing Telling Time Scoot. I love playing scoot because it's a great assessment tool.

You can pick up your own set of telling time stations here. Stay tuned for more math stations coming soon and have a wonderful week!

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