The Best of Fall Read Alouds

The Best of Fall Read Alouds

Hey y'all. Have I told you how much I LOVE fall?! It's probably my favorite season. The leaves change, the clothes get cozy, salted caramel lattes show up at Starbucks, and the book list is amazing for the classroom. Here's some of my favorite read alouds for this time of year:
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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn
I love reading this right at the beginning of fall. It's a great way to introduce seasons at the beginning of the school year and talk about the things that make each season special. We talk about the things that characterize fall and we can expect to see over the next few weeks.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
At the end of fall, we read this one. It helps us transition into the next season and review what we've learned about fall so far.

Fall Mixed Up
This wacky story is sure to keep your students engaged as all of the "fall things" are mixed up in some way. Your students will love finding the mistakes and discussing what the book "should" say. And it's a great conversation piece for your ELLs.

Awesome Autumn
I like to read this one the same week as Fall Mixed Up. This nonfiction book is full of facts about fall and is great for introducing vocabulary and concepts. Your students will easily find similarities between these two texts, which makes a lesson on comparing and contrasting easy peasy!

In the Middle of Fall
If you liked When Spring Comes, you'll love In the Middle of Fall. This is the perfect book to read to kindergarteners when introducing fall vocabulary and concepts. Also, the illustrations are captivating for little readers. It'll definitely be a classroom favorite.

Why Do Leaves Change Colors?
You know you've had a student ask this question before. This book answers that question and more with it's simple text and colorful illustrations. This is also a great book for introducing nonfiction text features.

The Little Scarecrow Boy
This charming story about a scarecrow child is sure to get your students talking. He wants nothing more than to be a fierce scarecrow like his dad, but things aren't as easy as they seem. Little Scarecrow finds out how important perseverance is. It's the perfect springboard to discussions in hard work and sticking with it. (As well as a cute craft or two!)

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves
We love the Old Lady series in our classroom. They make for great shared reading experiences! This one is one of the first ones we read together and helps establish routines for shared readings. The kids love trying to figure out what the creation will be at the end of the book, and we spend time with these books discussing whether these are fiction or nonfiction. (Can you really swallow a pole and whole pumpkin?)

This is sure to be a kindergarten or pre-k favorite. This simple board book illustrates the changes that happen in the fall and what to expect in the coming months. The little bear in the book is confused about why the leaves are falling and tries to put them back, but it just doesn't work. Your students will have so much to say about this sweet little story.

Otis and the Scarecrow
This sweet book about friendship is sure to capture your students hearts. My second graders had a collective sigh when Otis decides to keep the scarecrow company. This book is full of themes about friendship, fall, compassion, and not following the crowd. It's an excellent springboard for all kinds of discussions.

Leaf Jumpers
Do you teach poetry in the fall? This story is written as a poem and does an excellent job of describing the feelings of fall. This story makes an excellent starting point for five senses poems or plant investigations.

Because of an Acorn
If you study plants or life cycles in the fall, or if you just love the pictures, this book is a must. It takes readers through the life cycle of the tree, starting with the little acorn, and shows how all of the things in the ecosystem are related.

Pick a Circle, Gather Squares
This is one of my favorite kindergarten read alouds for this time of year. It seems we're always learning about shapes in the fall, and this book ties fall and shapes together perfectly. Your students will love finding the shapes in this story and then applying it immediately to the world around them. It's also a great read before the fall field trip to the farm or pumpkin patch.

I hope you found some new favorites for the fall. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more great resources and ideas coming soon.

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