Mindfulness Books for the Classroom


Ten Mindfulness Books for the Classroom

Hey, y'all. I don't know about you, but I am loving this self-care and mindfulness movement. Taking time to breathe in our classroom and to be present in the moment has had a huge, positive impact on student learning and attentiveness. One of the ways I teach these skills is through read alouds and mindfulness practice. A great place for you as the teacher to start is by reading the book, "Happy Teachers Change the World." It was a game-changer for me as far as bringing mindfulness and a calm atmosphere into the classroom. 

Several other books have helped me out on this journey. These are the ten go-to books we use in our classroom to help us center ourselves and refocus.
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1. I am Peace
I am Peace is a wonderful book about finding peace within yourself. When things are hectic and seem out of control, you can find your peace within you. And it's illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, making it just beautiful.

2. I am Enough
I am Enough is more about loving who you are enjoying what makes you special. I include it in this series because appreciating yourself goes hand in hand with recognizing your emotions and respecting your feelings and emotions.

3. Breathe Like a Bear
This one isn't a direct read aloud. It's more of a collection of meditations or mindfulness exercises for the class to perform together. With activities like blowing the candle carefully (don't let your flame go out!) or cooling off your hot chocolate slowly, your students will love practicing breathing exercises and focusing on their bodies.

4. Listening to My Body
This is a great book to start your mindfulness journey with your class. When students learn to listen to their bodies, the mindfulness techniques illustrated in each of these books makes a bigger impact. Listening to My Body goes over several of the ways students can tune in to how they are feeling and how those feelings impact the rest of them.

5. My Magic Breath
Taking time to breathe creates a calming effect in your classroom. My Magic Breath will have your students focusing on their breath and calming themselves throughout the day. The beautiful illustrations will captivate your audience as well.

6. Breathe and Be
This beautifully illustrated book is full of exercises to quiet the mind and focus on the here and now. Even the pictures make me want to enjoy the outdoors and leave the rest of the world behind.

7. What Does it Mean to Be Present
This book is exactly what it sounds like. Being present doesn't mean showing up to class, giving gifts, or sharing your project with the class. Being present is focusing on what is happening here and now. The simple strategies in this book are just right to help little learners gain focus and direction in the classroom.

8. Puppy Mind
Sometimes our minds can feel like active little puppies, always curious and wandering when we're not paying attention. Noticing these things is the first step in being able to change things for the better. This book helps the littlest learners become aware of this issue and gives them strategies for calming their puppy minds down.

9. A World of Pausabilities
Pausing and focusing on the here and now can be challenging for small children. Taking the time to teach these skills makes a world of difference in students' well-being. This book teaches exercises to help students pause and focus on how they are feeling in the moment.

10. Ishi
This simple picture book features a rock as the main character. This book touches on kindness, compassion, and empathy.

What other books do you use to teach mindfulness to your little learners? I'd love to know! Drop a line in the comments if you have any great titles to add to this list. 

Thanks for stopping by and and I hope you found some new favorites. Have a great week and stay cozy. 

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