Using Color by Code in Science


Using Color by Code in Science

Hey, y'all! How are you loving science stations so far this year? We got off to a rough start this year (too much freedom too soon), but we're getting back on track.

Sometimes, though, we have an extra day in our scope and sequence for each science or social studies topic or the kids really just need to do some seat work but still need to be on topic. So...I started this collection of color by codes for each of our science units.


For instance, with the five senses page, students read the description (or you read it together as a class depending on their reading skills) and students decide which of their five senses they'd use for each description.


For states of matter, students simply read the noun and decide which state of matter it is. And with changing matter, students read the description and decide which state of matter the object changed too. 


My students really enjoyed the communities color by code page. They read the words in each piece and decide if that describes an urban, suburban, or rural community. (Or, as one of my littles described it, an "Earl" community. :) ) 


Landforms is one of those topics that can be covered in both science and social studies. This color by code asks students to decide if the word is a landform or water body.


With Earth's changes, students read the description and decide if the change is something that would happen slowly or quickly. It includes vocabulary words like erosion, deposition, and weathering, and partners up well with this changing Earth STEAM unit.


Pretty neat right? So when your admin comes in and asks why are they "just doing a coloring page," you can show them the higher level of thinking involved in each of these.

More resources like this will be coming out over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for them. If there's a certain topic you'd like to see sooner, just drop me a note in comments. :) Be sure to follow me on TPT so you don't miss a thing. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you soon.

Stay cozy,

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