Not Your Mother's Color by Code


Color by Code for Reading Skills

Hey, y'all! My students have been loving our color by code activities lately. These aren't your typical color by code, though. These are SPECIAL!

Most color by code activities have limited depth of knowledge. Students simply color the matching sight word or solve a simple addition or subtraction problem. Those activities are great and are important in their own way, but these are a little different.


With the author's purpose code page, students read the description of a text and have to decide if the author is trying to entertain the reader, persuade them, or inform them about something. We did the first few together as a whole group, then students paired off to complete the page. There were some really great conversations about the descriptions and great justifications of answers.


With the story elements page, students decide if the piece describes a character, a setting, or a plot. This one is a little easier than the one above, making it just right for end of first grade and most of second grade.

We've done several of these in class and they are always a hit. (I mean cheering and everything!) If you'd like to check out the science and social studies options as well, just click here.

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