Editable Math Hide and Seek Games and a Freebie!


Editable Math Hide and Seek Games

Hey, y'all! So I was playing a sight word hide and seek game with my class in the morning and they were eating it up! I mean kids were all the way sitting down, no one was bugging anyone around them, they were nearly silent with their hands raised just dying to be called on. It was the best behaved they had been all year.

Then we got to math time, and it was much *ahem* busier than it had been in the morning during our reading game. And that's when it hit me. Could we review math facts or concepts using the same strategy? Could we have a similar game that they are so engaged in that everyone is on task for math?

Why yes, we can! And it comes as a math hide and seek game. I printed out cards with math facts on them (answers missing of course), and hid a little character behind one of the cards. Students take turns solving the equations trying to find the hidden character. For instance, a student would say, "10+2=12" and I would lift the card that says, "10+2=___" to see if the character is behind that card.


It may just be this group, although I've had kindergarten classes get excited too, but they are just BESIDE themselves trying to find the hidden card. AND they're practicing needed skills!


I love these cards because there are a ton of choices for equations making differentiation and increasing the rigor easy, but they also have an editable page making it super easy to target skills your class is working on. Pre-printed cards have addition and subtraction facts to 20, but you could use the editable pages to create more equations with numbers to 10, doubles, doubles plus one, or even multiplication equations.


The fall set has a picture of Johnny Appleseed, a ghost, and a turkey for the hidden character. The winter set has a picture of a gingerbread man, a penguin, and a Valentine superhero. And the spring set has a picture of a bunny, a flower, and a sun. I like to trade out the characters and surprise my students. It adds to the fun and excitement!

And for sticking around to the end of this, I have one more game for you. This shape hide and seek game is free in my TpT store. It's played the same way with a few different character choices to use. You can use whichever cards you need making it just right for kindergarten, first grade, or second grade. 


I hope you found some new ideas for your classroom and enjoy this shape freebie. I'm always adding new things to the store so be sure to follow me on TPT for some more great resources.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week! I'll talk to you soon. 

Stay cozy,

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