Digital Learning with Boom Cards


Digital Learning with Boom Cards

Hey, y'all. Teaching has changed a lot since the beginning of the pandemic, hasn't it? Since we've done more learning at home, we need to make things as simple for our families as possible.

Boom Learning is a online application that allows students to continue practicing skills whether they are in the classroom with you or at home with their parents. The game look to the cards makes it engaging for students. The fact that its digital means no prep, printing, or laminating. With a full membership to Boom Learning, you can track your students progress and monitor their learning no matter where the learning is happening.

My students' families are very sweet, but we have had so much trouble getting everyone logged in to the right places. Boom Learning makes it easy to setup and for kids to login and play, making it perfect for even the littlest of learners.

This week, I've added several new sets of cards to both Boom and my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The first set is a nod to my Base Ten Scoot Cards. This set includes 20 digital task cards. Students count the base ten blocks and type the numbers in the answer box. The app will check students' work automatically and let them know if they got it right or wrong instantly.


The Adding Coins Boom Cards have students add the US coins and choice the correct total from the answer options at the bottom. As you can see below, the app will let students know if they've gotten the answer wrong and will let them keep trying until the get it correct. 


With Easter right around the corner, these Adding Peeps Boom Cards are a fun way to continue to practice math facts while enjoying some springtime fun. Given that it's all digital, it's super easy to push out the cards to students to practice with at home. 


And the Ninja bunnies on the spring number order task cards have always been a hit. Now you can share them with families digitally with this new Boom Card set. Numbers get progressively bigger, but only go up to 100.


Telling Time with My Peeps is a favorite matching card activity every year. It's been adapted for digital learning so that your students can work on them anywhere. This activity covers telling time to the hour and half hour, perfect for kindergarten and first grade. 


The Color Words Write the Room is a hit any time of year. With the digital version, students choose the word from the list of multiple choice options below. 


I hope you found some new resources that work for you and your students. I am always adding new resources to help you and your students do your best learning, so follow me on TPT for more great resources. Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon.

Stay cozy,

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