Geography Boom Cards


Geography Boom Cards

Hey, y'all. Are we done with quarantine yet? Maybe it's my wanderlust, maybe it's the fact that I love this states bundle, but I felt the need to create some geography Boom cards. 

The first set is a simple identify-the-state set. All 50 states are included. Each set is multiple choice and self correcting. You can easily see how well your students did with the teacher page on Boom.


The second set reviews state capitals


And the third set reviews continents and oceans. All three sets are available on the Boom Learning website as well as on TPT.


The beauty of Boom cards is that these can be used:
  • whole group on a computer or Smart board
  • in a center
  • one-on-one with students who need a refresher
  • as printable task cards or discussion cards
  • as exit tickets, just print and copy
I hope you found some new ideas for your classroom. I'm always adding new resources so be sure to follow me on TPT for latest ideas, updates, and resources. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

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