The Ultimate List of Inquiry-Based Learning Questions

The ultimate list of questions to spark inquiry-based learning and phenomenon-based learning

The Ultimate List of Inquiry-Based Learning Questions

Hey, y'all! Let me start by saying this post is a work in progress. My goal is compile as many inquiry-based learning and phenomenon-based learning questions as I can. But my mind never stops thinking. So as new questions are posed, I will be adding them here. So don't be afraid to revisit this post later. So, let's jump in. 

General Inquiry and Social Skills

What is inquiry?

What is curiosity?

How can we use curiosity to find things out?

What is generosity?

How can I be generous to the people I care about? 

How powerful are our words? 

What does it mean to be humble?

What are character traits of successful people?

What is success?

What is success for me?

What would a successful life look like for me? 

What is mindfulness? 

How can mindfulness help me focus/be calm?

What is inclusion/inclusivity? 

Why is it important to be inclusive? 

What is equity? 

Reading/Language Arts

How do illustrations give meaning and move stories along?

How do wordless books tell stories? 

How does learning different meanings of word parts help me become a better reader? 

What does good writing look like? 

What makes "good" writing?


What is energy? 

Why is water important?

What are some ways we use water? 

How does aerodynamics work? 

How does pollution affect plants, animals, and people? 

How can be decrease or eliminate our carbon footprint? 

What are the benefits/drawbacks of electric vehicles?

How are buildings constructed centuries ago still standing? (engineering and design) 

Why and how are insects important?

How are  ______ and _______ interdependent? 

How are auroras formed?

What significance do auroras have--in culture, literature, science, etc.?

Social Studies/History

What is advocacy?

What are up-standers?

Why do we have money? 

Why is money important? Is money important? 


Other topics/Seasonal things

What makes pumpkins unique? (primary grades)

What makes apples unique? (primary grades) 

As you can see, there are a TON of questions you can pose to your students to being the inquiry or phenomenon-based learning process. This list is not all inclusive but is a work in progress. I hope this helped you get some new ideas for your next unit. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you soon. 

Stay cozy,

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